Yongnuo Ultra wide Angle Prime Lens YN14mm F2.8N 14mm Kit For Nikon Camera DSLR

QUALITY SERVICE & LOW PRICES GUARANTEED. YONGNUO Ultra-wide Angle Prime Lens YN14mm F2.8 14mm Kit For Nikon. The diagonal angle of view is about 114°. For YN14mm F2.8 helps to collect the vast landscape and giant structures, it’s easier to show a grand and solemn atmosphere. High-precision, Ultra-low Dispersion and Aspherical Lens. It carries two […]


YONGNUO YN14mm F2.8 Auto focus Ultra-wide Angle Prime Lens for Canon DSLR Camera

YONGNUO YN14mm F2.8. Description: 1 A Professional Lens of Capturing Grand View. 2High-precision, Ultra-low Dispersion and Aspherical Lens. It carries two high-precision aspherical glass lenses, one of which adopts ultra-low dispersion lens, which effectively compensates various optical aberration, minimizes chromatic aberrations, and provides excellent sharpness and color correction. 3 Precision-machined Abnormal Dispersion Lens: YN14mm 2.8 […]