Rodenstock Grandagon-N F/6.8 200mm Copal 3 Shutter. Large Format Lens Read

Rodenstock Grandagon-N F/6.8 200mm Copal 3 Shutter. Lens is near mint, everything is perfect except it has 1 light scratch that is a hair over 1/8 inch on the smaller lens. I angled the lens in the light so the scratch could be seen in the picture. I have an arrow pointing at it in […]


Rodenstock Grandagon 65mm f/4.5 Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens with Shutter #P3306

Rodenstock Grandagon 65mm f/4.5 Lens w/ Shutter. This is a used 65/4.5 that is in excellent condition. This lens has been tested in our store and is in good working order. The front and rear elements of this lens are in excellent shape with no scratches or other marks on them. There is some light […]


Rodenstock Heligon W. Germany A 16mm F2.0 Arriflex standard cooke speed panchro

Description: Its in very good condition, optically clear inside, no deep scratches, no haze, no opalescence or any fungus between the glass elements. I can see some very minimal internal dust. No affecting on lens working! Therere some small soft scratches (& cleaning marks) also inside the lens. It can be seen only in strong […]