New Voigtlander USA SUPER WIDE HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Silver Leica Screw Mt w Finder

NEW HARD TO FIND. Silver Voigtlander 15/4.5 Aspherical Super-Wide Heliar. Leica Screw Mount Lens with. GREAT Choice for Screw Mount Cameras and DRONES! VERY SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT! For all Leica Screw Mount bodies. Add a Screw Mount to M adapter to fit on ALL film Leica M bodies. Adaptable to Sony E, NEX, M43, Fuji […]


MINT Nikon NIKKOR 20mm 14 ULTRA-Wide-Angle Nikon Ai Lens for FILM & DIGITAL SLR

Nikon Nikkor 20mm 1:4. ULTRA-Wide-Angle Nikon Ai Manual Focus Lens. Nikon Ai Analogue + DIGITAL fit Prime Lens for Nikon F Film & DIGITAL cameras. It fits all NIKON Manual Focus, the majority of AF Film Camera Bodies, and some. In manual mode and NOT all models – please check the compatibility of your Nikon […]