BUY or RENT LOMO 9x Lens Set 10 18 22 28 35 50 75 100 150 with ARRI PL Mount

Russian LOMO Standard Speed 9x KINOR Stye Lens Set LOMO 10mm T3.2-T3.3 Model: OKC6-10-1 LOMO 18mm T3.0-T3.2 Model: OKC5-18-1 LOMO 22mm T2.3-T2.5 Model: OKC3-22-1 LOMO 28mm T2.1-T2.3 Model: OKC7-28-1 LOMO 35mm T2.1-T2.3 Model: OKC11-35-1 LOMO 50mm T2.1-T2.3 Model: OKC1-50-6 LOMO 75mm T2.1-T2.3 Model: OKC6-75-1 LOMO 100mm T3.1-T3.3 Model: OKC2-100-2 LOMO 150mm T3.1-T3.3 Model: OKC1-150-1. With […]


BUY or RENT MAMIYA Sekor 14x Lens Set PRIME / ZOOM with ARRI Arriflex PL Mount

MAMIYA Sekor Standard Speed 14x Prime / Zoom Lens Set. MAMIYA Sekor Fisheye ULD C. MAMIYA Sekor Shift C. MAMIYA Sekor Macro C/N. MAMIYA Sekor ULD C. With ARRI PL Mount. 13x 77mm front snap-on caps; 1x 95mm front slip-on cap (for 24mm lens); 14x rear Arri PL plastic ABS caps; 13x 80mm matte box […]


BUY or RENT Lomo ILLUMINA 5x Super Speed Lens Set 18 25 35 50 85 ARRI PL Mount

LUMA TECH LOMO / ILLUMINA Super Speed 5x Lens Set ILLUMINA 18mm T1.3 ILLUMINA 25mm T1.3 ILLUMINA 35mm T1.3 ILLUMINA 50mm T1.3 ILLUMINA 85mm T1.3. With ARRI PL Mount. 5x 77mm front slip-on caps; 5x rear Arri PL plastic caps; 1x new aluminium case with foam insert for all lenses. This is set of Luma […]