LEITZ Wetzler Super-Angulon M 21mm/F3.4 Lens SBKOO 21mm Finder Lens Hood Caps

21mm f3.4 SILVER CHROME LENS. SBKOO 21mm METAL FINDER. LENS HOOD and ORIGINAL CAPS. SUPERB CONDITION – OPTICS CLEAN SMOOTH APERTURE AND FOCUSING RING. All vintage photographic items are. Unless otherwise stated in the description. None of the cameras, lenses or camera accessories, or other equipment which we are listing have been film tested unless […]


Leitz Wetzlar Super-Angulon 21mm f/4 for Leica M SERVICED BY YYE #P4631

Leitz Wetzlar Super-Angulon 21mm f/4 for Leica M. This is a used Super-Angulon 21/4 that is in Excellent Condition. This lens was serviced by Youxin Ye on 11/10/19. This lens has been tested in our store, and is in good working order. The front and rear elements of this lens are in good shape but […]